So, what sort of videos do we produce?

In a nutshell, we will work within pretty much any industry sector and for any client large or small. We have however found from past projects that these types of video and these specific industry sectors seems to be more in demand:

Type of video

Product demo video

Video is a great way to show off your product USPs online.

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Service demo video

People are your greatest asset. Don’t use photos to show them off. Use video.

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Customer testimonial video

Word-of-mouth, some say, is the best form of advertising. We agree. Video is the only way there is to get your customers’ endorsement across straight from the horse’s mouth.

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Thank you video

One of the most powerful forms of video we produce. Saying thank you right at the critical moment of purchase.

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Specialist industries

We offer all types of video and for most industries, video is the most powerful online tool alongside your website. We do specialise in certain industry sectors namely:

Restaurant or “destination” video

The ambience in your restaurant / club / bar etc. can’t be bottled and taken outside to prospective customers. But it can be filmed!

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Hotel video

For some visitors, a stay in a hotel can be quite an investment. They’ll therefore be eager to know their money is being wisely spent. Video is perfect to show them this prior to arrival.

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Retail Video

Get online viewers interested in your product before they even visit your shop.

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Salon video

Hair and beauty is all about trust and confidence in you, the salon owner. Capture the talent of your team and the wonderful decor of your salon on video.

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