How it works

The concept is very simple and it keeps you, the customer, in control of the cost at all times. You have an extremely cost-effective starter package at £495 (+vat). Then, if you wish to increase the impact of your video, you simply add “bolt-ons”. The more bolt-ons you add, the greater the impact.

Even with the starter package, you’ll get a stunning promo video so, for many customers, this is all they require.

With the starter package you’ll receive:

  • A half-day filming slot.
  • Up to 30 separate shots filmed at your premises (assumes all shots are filmed at one location).
  • Time in the edit suite with one of our editors.
  • Up to 9 text captions showing your USPs on screen.
  • Music suitable in style and tempo to your brand.
  • A finished video up to 90 seconds long. Perfect for online use.
  • Many bolt-on enhancements available. See our “Optional Extras” page.

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