Optional extras

Standard bolt-ons – £100 (+vat) each

Increased video length

Increase the length of your video from 90 seconds to 120 seconds. In addition you can have up to 12 text captions edited into your video instead of a maximum of 9.

Assuming your video will be posted online, we don’t recommend you exceed 120 seconds. Research suggests that people tend not to spend more than 2 minutes watching online promotional videos.

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Enhanced text graphics

Sophisticated and well designed text moves can really lift the overall visual impact of your video. By spending more time in the edit suite enhancing the look and feel of how your text captions appear on and disappear off screen, your viewing audience will really notice the difference.

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Jib arm

What’s a jib arm? A jib arm is a long cantilevered arm where, on one end goes the camera, and on the other counterweights. The camera can then be elevated way above head height and with a beautiful smooth motion. This type of shot really does add drama to any video giving it the look and feel of an expensive production.

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Enhanced logo move

Our editors can enhance the way in which your logo appears on screen at the beginning and end of your video. This bolt-on adds a huge amount of visual impact.

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Premium bolt-ons – £200 (+vat) each

Voice over

Adding a voice over to your video can put it into a different league. A voice over adds a human touch, making your edit much more compelling to the viewing audience. We have a choice of professional voice over artists to choose from, both male and female.

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Premium enhanced text graphics

With our Premium Enhanced Text Graphics bolt-on this enables our editor to spend even more time making your text look incredible on screen. The perfect bolt-on to make your video look unbelievably animated.

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Additional filming locations

You may have more than one office / shop / outlet and we can appreciate that these may also need to be filmed. With this bolt-on we can film up to 2 additional locations provided they are within a 5 mile radius of each other. For locations further afield, please call to discuss on 0208 123 2540.

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Extra half day filming slot

For certain industry sectors the starter package filming slot of half a day unfortunately isn’t long enough. If you own a hotel for example, we will need a full day’s filming. For more information, please call to discuss on 0208 123 2540.

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Single person interview

If you need one our your workforce, a customer, or even yourself to appear on camera, this can be arranged. With this bolt-on the required audio and lighting equipment can be brought along to the shoot. We dedicate a maximum filming slot of one hour to perfect the interview and, when edited, the maximum length is 45 seconds on screen.

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3D Enhanced logo move

We can animate your company logo in 3D making it spin on screen with depth and impact. This is a great bolt-on to make your video look like a full-on television commercial.

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