Why use video?

  • Online video consumption is exploding
  • More emotional connection with viewer
  • Conveys drama in a way words alone can’t

The power of video

  • 4 billion online videos watched daily
  • Video will be the new Twitter some say
  • Video now greatly boosts SEO


Why Fixed Price Video?


We only use qualified and creative camera crews and editors who know how to capture the true essence of your business on video.


We put you, the customer, in control. We film and edit videos from £495 (+vat) and, if you want even greater impact, we offer a series of enhancements.


We know what works and what doesn’t. Our Directors have been producing videos for 20 years.

Cinematic look

Ever wanted a video but hated that corporate-video look? We only use cameras that capture cinematic looking footage giving your promo video an unbelievably professional visual appearance.

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Types of video

Call us for help on how to get the best from your video. We’ll always give you a fixed price

Product demo

Selling your product is about communicating the “whats & whys”. Nothing demonstrates what a product is and why you want it better than video.


Sell yourself

If you offer great service, you have an amazing ethos or you’re just nice to deal with, video is brilliant at getting that point across.


Say thank you

A video to say thank you immediately after someone has clicked on the “enquiry” button will massively boost your sales. Don’t forget, the user wants your product and so will inevitably watch the video. This is the ideal chance to warm them up prior to your follow-up sales call.



Testimonials are quite possibly the most effective way to build that essential trust and credibility. Video testimonials take that to the next level.


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